Quartz Countertops


For those who may not be in the market to get an immediate return on their investment but still want a higher end natural stone solution, we highly recommend looking into quartz. Often referred to as engineered stone due to it’s semi-synthetic nature or quartzite, this is another natural stone that is resilient to the common spills and wear and tear found in the kitchen. While not as prestigious as granite, it does come in a very wide variety of colours and textures which allow it to match almost any kitchen interior. Your local Ottawa countertop contractor will be able to advise you on the best selection if you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Quartz itself is composed of 99% quartzite stone, which is not precious itself, but requires harsh mining practices to extract, and a polymer to keep it together. While it may look like granite, it is slightly less hard, and the finish is never quite the same. As a countertop material it is highly sought after due to it’s balance – it looks like granite, but the cost is significantly less. For this reason, both buyers and sellers agree it’s an excellent middle of the road solution. Ottawa quartz countertops come in several varieties – solid white or black are rare, and most homeowners opt for a textured colour and crown edging. Like granite, it can be purchased in both slab form, and tiled form. Since the cost is quite reasonable, we highly recommend going with the slab form, and in a neutral tone so there is flexibility in the kitchen countertops design.

A final consideration for those looking at Ottawa countertop replacement is the absolute amazing durability of this quarried stone. Even when the elements get the best of it, a crack or scratch in quartz can be repaired by an established contractor for less than $100, without the entire slab being replaced. The recent popularity of quartz speaks for itself, and even higher end buyers are considering it as an option for their Ottawa homes especially given the wide variety of colours